The shift in the journey… please follow my new blog “Out of the Rabbit Hole”

flying heron       This week my circle of life really took a turn around the axis. Sometimes we think we are in control and then the rug is pulled out and we float for a moment and then it is up to us to decide our next move. It is easy to crash to the ground. But what if you take an opportunity like a shift in your stability as a jump off place? This is what I have decided to do. I am going to kick off a new project and it will start with a new blog.

This original site was created for me as a place to write as therapy. I had been writing every chance I could to my therapist and he suggested an alternative. Little did I know how much the writing would help me to grow. I do not know what impact I had on others, but I know I touched a few people.

The reason to write has not lessened. But I am going to change direction in the purpose of my writing. I am a teacher by trade, occupation and my whole being. I have taught formally for years and informally my whole life. It is as natural as breathing for me.

The “There is No Bang” blog was a creation to journal my experience as I went through different modalities of therapy. Now I want to share what I learned. I want to share my healing, which has not come to total fruition, but is and always will be a work in progress.

I am inviting any of my followers to come on over to the newer site at “Out of the Rabbit Hole” I may keep this blog for more personal things such as my photos. I will be sending invites as soon as I get the new site up and running.

I am closing that I loved sharing with you and I hope you will continue to support my efforts at my new site.




Really would like your input.

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