May Garden views ( photos)

June is my favorite month and not just because it is my birthday. It is because my favorite flower blooms. The rose. But I want to share the May Garden which is filled with purple and pink blooming shrubs and my new plants. All photos are shot with a Cannon T4i.


Lilacs                   This is the view from my deck.

View to the right

View to the right


lilacs 2


lilacs 3                     Lilacs 5

The azaleas and Rhodas were also blooming. See the bee?

Rhoda and bee                       azaleas

As the weather warmed I added my annuals. This year I did geraniums and my usual impatiens. I also did lettuce.

geraniums                 red lettuce

But now we come to June with the roses. I do not have a lot of sun so I have to be creative. My husband bought me a birthday rose.roses      Rose

We had a lot of help today. Browny met and befriended the chipmunk and did not quite know what to do with the rabbit.

helpers  All in all in was a great day and I spent the afternoon in good company in my chair.

relaxing with the kids

All photos @ jdemeis 2014


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