Small joys

Bishop in the old garden

Bishop in the old garden

The one thing I have found more in my life lately is small joys. Today was filled with small joys. I do not usually write two posts, but I had to tonight.

It seems that mornings have been filled with sadness for me lately. I have been very consistent with my meditation practice and it seems to help with sending whatever angst I bring from my dreams on their way. This morning, I sat and wrote and then after I posted, I meditated and all the feelings of …and I am not even sure what it is…. were gone. I proceeded to go outside and sit with the trees and birds. Ah, this is the music I longed for in the blowing and freezing wind this winter. The sun warmed me gently and slowly, the grip of worry, fear and sadness were totally gone.

I donned a support brace for my ankle and armed with my brand new rake, I began to clean the lawn of dried grasses, doggie presents, twigs and stones. After a while, my husband joined me as we had just purchased his and her rakes. The sun at that point was warm enough for me to hang the wash out on the line. I even changed into a sleeveless top and shorts and we worked until we had raked the whole back yard. We paused often to enjoy the sun and the doggies who cannot resist a lap.

With the lawn all raked and cleaned, we proceeded to empty the shed and bring all the garden ornaments out and in to their designated spots in the yard. My husband proudly put his whirligig into its spot and spun it a few times. We worked in tandem and in short order, the garden was alive again. It was amazing. The one ornamental shrub, which I have no idea what it is, was blooming. It is always the first and attracts many bees. The big trees are barely budding. Upon close inspection, I saw the very tiny nubs of new growth on my roses. The multiple wind chimes were singing in the soft breeze. At this point the dogs were worn out from running around and barking at passer-byes. They lay in the sun, one watching for any action, the other content to just close her eyes.

After we returned from dinner with my in-laws, we all raced outside to enjoy the garden and the sunset. The dogs, revitalized from their nap while we were gone, ran and played and then hopped up into our laps to sit and be adored. The sun slowly turned the crimson and both of us thought that the raked dirt seemed to have a green haze forming. Slowly the multiple solar lights blinked on and grew in their sparkling glow. We both sighed and talked about how nice it would be to spend our time not having to rush and get ready for work. It is coming in a few years. For now, as the sun set and the chill came over the garden fence, we headed in to prepare for the week.

The contentment and joy is so large in my heart right now. I am blessed in so many ways. I needed the connection of the soil to become grounded again. I needed the air and sun and the feel of the trees and my flowers coming back to me. My husband said that I am totally different after being in the garden all day. I said, “I have chlorophyll for blood.” Neither of us laughed as I think it is true. I am sore, I have a blister, and I am sunburned. I love it. The amazing thing is that the foot and ankle that was so awful all week is not swollen at all. I took the brace off early in the work as it was irritating. My husband even sees how special the garden is this year which is wonderful. I know we will be spending many hours enjoying it. Even though my trusted and beloved Bishop, who spent hours with me in the garden, is no longer here, I could sense him everywhere. The new pups fill it with a different energy and it is fine. I am so glad that winter is over. I am sure I will be boring everyone soon with pictures. – Namaste


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