Blizzard Anxiety 3-12-14

snow in the bushes It begins.

Blizzard Anxiety

I woke up this morning to not a trace of snow. Matter of fact, it was still near 35 and there had been a trace of rain but it was still wet and had not turned to ice. And I was standing there watching my dogs run in the mud, wondering if I had made a foolish choice again. This whole week, and actually since last week, they have been predicting the storm of the year for us. I am a weather geek and my own internal gauges coupled with following good web sites had indicated we were in for a doozy. When I was a kid, the anticipation of a snow day was as good as Christmas. As an adult, the opportunity of snow day stopped when I stopped teaching in public schools and went to work for non-profits. Instead the anticipation was replaced with unbridled anxiety. I got so worked up about this I actually made myself sick to my stomach.

Everything was reporting yesterday that they were closing for the day in preparation for the predicted storm. The schools were closed and many businesses indicated they would not be open. The non-profits all said they were closed, but the staff needed to report. I think that is horrible. If the weather is so bad that you so not want to bring the clients out in it, keep your staff home too. But they do that so the staff will take a sick day or personal time and they do not have to pay them if they do not show up.

For the past two days I was wrought with the worry of having to drive in the weather. I only have to go ten miles, but it is towards the lake and the roads are the worse when it snows. I cross three towns and the variety of the clearing of the snow varies.

In March 1991, we northern New Yorkers woke to the pelting of ice on our roofs and the explosion of transformers that were caked in ice. I will never forget watching the one behind my house sparking green bolts until it finally went out. We went ten days with no heat, no power and it was cold. I was working for a town as a media relations person and had to report to the Community Center which had been set up as a Red Cross Shelter. I spent a lot of time there making food and helping people. I would return home to build a fire in the fireplace and cook on the grill. It was cool for a week, but by the second week everyone was pretty weary and nasty.

So as I sit here typing, the snow has begun. It is wet and heavy. The temperature is plummeting. My husband just told me that the Weather Channel is here down on the Lake shooting. That to me is a big sign.  I wrote my boss, who is working at home because her teen age son is home from school……. that I would not be in. The relief of not having to go out is making me content and joyful inside. There are so many indicators for me that there is a need for change. This is just another. snow 8 am



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