Spirit Body Boundaries.

This is so true. We have a serious issue with negativity at my place of work. You can see the feeding of the beast all week long and by Friday, people are fried. I am not immune by any means. But I have some tools that Mardrag has taught me.

Doug Does Life

The most important distinction anyone can ever make in their life is between who they are as an individual and their connection with others.~Anné Linden

Other Spirit Bodies

Everyone and everything has a spirit body- an energy field. These fields outside of yourself can be sensed in the same way that you see your own spirit body. Simple visualization works best here…

It’s important to never interfere with the spirit body of another person, unless you’re asked to. Our electrical field, with intention, can interact with others and cause changes, just like we did with our own spirit bodies. Some people use this to provide healing to others, but it shouldn’t be done without consent….

Our spirit bodies are unique and expressions of ourselves. They’re windows through which we can see and feel what’s going on on all levels. Just as we can create change within our personal…

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