Frosty Puppies

The other day before the terrible chill hit, I took my camera out with the dogs to the garden. It was a brilliant sunny after noon.

The dogs had been playing inside with their new toys Santa Paws gave them. Browny gift

As I opened the dog, Browny shot out after a squirrel. Little Cookie struggled with the snow. But she pursued. Squirrel But the snow was deep. Cookie snow 2

She kept at it.  cookie face pfffttt and told me in her own way she was not thrilled with the snow.

Browny is taller and can get through it easier and will usually make a path for her. But he was more interested in the pursuit. Barking Browny But even he was having issues. Frosty browny

The snow had settled in little and big places.                       frozen rose hips waiting chair        My Garden chair waits for me and the return of the Light.

winter dusk garden          The same view          .Elgin


4 thoughts on “Frosty Puppies

  1. the snow looks so quiet and peaceful and the green looks so …”breathing life”? not sure
    if that makes sense…
    beautiful creatures you have….I wanted it to snow to see how my Maya does…
    Thanks for sharing parts of your world!

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