I am in a nostalgic mood. As the threat of a big winter storm looms, I decided to look back at some of my photos from the summer. I hope they bring you sunshine and Light. [etuniasFlying heron         flying hawk I miss the birds.

Charlene in flight

Osprey Osprey

geese   I miss the garden and the flowers. roses

rose 2rosepansiesrhoda 2

And although I love the new kids,  keeper of the garden    I miss my Big Boy.

All photos @Jdemeis


5 thoughts on “

  1. as each weathered a storm, you will weather this one and any other that crosses your path…
    Beautiful memories you have in stilled color…
    I hope your Christmas and Mew Years was all you wished for and more..
    I wish for you the Best that is Yet to Be….
    Take Care Jane…Yu Matter…much!

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