Holiday images

I have been taking pictures this week. This is some of what is in my world. Today the snow is lightly coming down as if I had ordered a Christmas snow. We had ice mild icing this weekend and escaped with just a mild coating. It was pretty in the morning but had everyone in a panic in the advent of the storm. The grocery store was a combat zone.
ice on branchesice view

Ms. Cookie was not so sure of the ice on the deck. cokkie on ice




They have been so sweet and loved having us home. Anytime someone sat down, there was a dog in their lap. They love to look out the window.waiting for santa   The living room and kitchen area are decorated and I have a ton of lights everywhere. As I sit in my space to write, I can see the tree and all the other decorations.

ornaments                snowmen

I will post more images but for now I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May you all find peace and joy. Thanks to all who have stopped by and to my circle of blog friends: I thank you for your support and compassion. You are a gift and are with me in my heart. Thank you MarDrag, Rising Hawk, Thoughtsalone, Starrysez, Lady Blue Rose, Duckie, Bert and all the others who spend time with me in thoughts and dreams. I never thought that this adventure would have such wonderful companions.  angel



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