moon light

Like a rabbit caught in a trap, I am ensnared by my own mistakes.

In an attempt to find peace and wholeness,

I have created a world of personal torment.

My goal was my own and not of the pair.

And as I struggle, the cold metal closes;

Teeth set with diamonds and sapphires.

The prize was so simple and mine for a while.

Then a path was set before me.

I chose to travel and climb the mountain,

Not aware of the price of the ticket.

My baggage is extreme and not all of my own.

Many of the satchels were placed there by others.

As I continue to lighten the load upon lessons learned,

Those most close tighten the grip.

I wish for them to travel their own path,

For their own destiny waits with a private map.

But the ticket must be too dear so they grab on in fear.

I cannot lose the momentum I have created on this journey.

I know there is glory and honor that waits for us all.

The conductor has punched my ticket and I must continue.

But somehow I fell off the ride and into this snare.

And the more I struggle, the deeper the teeth sink.

So in the moon lit night, I sit and languish.

I seek the solution with the least painful option.

So far silence has been my only answer.


6 thoughts on “Ensnared

  1. know you are not sitting alone in the moonlight…
    I am sitting here watching the moon rise….it’s turning colder each inch higher
    and my thoughts are freezing into place….a place where I tune out the world
    I found am image about friends….it spoke volumes of what I want as I sit here….
    though at the moment I read your words again and they feel like me once more…
    and before I start rumbling and rambling I will say..
    Wonderful post Jane, filled with more thoughts to think on
    Thank you for sharing you …
    Take care…You Matter…

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