Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

tree before This is my little Christmas tree. It is old and beat up. I cannot have a real tree as my husband has a allergy to them. Every year it is a little more worn and a little more tired. I bought it for $35.00 which was  a lot back then. Before this tree, I used to go to the lot to buy a real tree and buy the one no one wanted; the one with holes and lacking branches and shape. And I always made a beautiful thing out of them.

There are so many people who do not see things for what they are. Since I was very young, I have always been able to see the beauty in people and things. I have always been able to look past the physical appearance of humans and often I am  not even aware of  “things” that others cannot look past. I am not sure how or why that is.  I am in awe of all the wonders of nature and the beauty we are surrounded in. I get my energy from being outside in my garden  or indoor with my plants and animals. A rose will make me speechless in its perfection.

open roses I see people for their goodness. And yes, I have been bitten by this innocence many times. But I still seek to look for the inner beauty and light  in others. That is what I want to do; Teach people to see their wondrous beauty and gifts. It is so easy and natural for me. Not so easy when it comes to myself. I must keep working on me.

This is the same tree. I did not decorate the bottom this year because our new

dogs will eat the ornaments. But I think it is beautiful anyways. tree 2013all photos jdemeis@2013


10 thoughts on “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  1. as I read your thoughts I seem to think of my world….
    I love your tree, I splurged on a Norfolk Pine, they remind me of a Charlie Brown tree….
    also the story I always told my kids and now my grandkids came to thought ….
    do you know the Legend of the Christmas Spider? somehow I think you might, if not you would love it…
    I went looking for a post I wrote on it but as usual. lost in cyberspace folder some where…
    I’ll send it to you if you want….
    Wonderfully felt post Jane…Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • I would love to hear the story. I always feels such power, strength and love coming from your words. Thank you, tonight they were a balm for my very frayed nerves. There is a lot going on in my personal life right now. Not much of it is good. So I am not writing as I do not want to give what is going on any more power over me than it already has.

      • Way back when….. there was a Mother who wanted so much to have gifts for her children for Yule. They were very poor, she was a widow and there was just no money to spare. You thought that she would give her children the Gift of Mother Nature and show the abundance She has to offer if you just look beyond the visible.
        She went into the woods and found the perfect Pine tree, ,it was large so it took a lot of work to bring back to the house, the Faeries had shown her which one was willing to help her and which would let her take down. After getting it inside, she was so tired she didn’t go back out for the decorations, she lit the fire and went to tuck her children in and laid down to sleep. Upset that she had no money for even one beautiful Moon or Star to shine at the top….
        As she slept the animals in the forest had listen to her,and watched as she brought the Yule to her Home with the tree. Knowing she was disappointed she didn’t have the strength to finishes the decorations, they decided to help her…
        The raccoons,squirrels, rounded up their winter stash and brought acorns,pine cones, and red berries, the wolves,the deer, the bears, got the fresh branches and greenery to make the home smell of the outdoors. All the animals of the Forrest helped,and as they watched from the windows, the raccoons, the mice, the squirrels set about decorating the magnificent tree.
        When they finished they all waited quietly for night to become morning to see the faces of the Children.
        Meanwhile in the corner of the living-room,silently watching, GrandMother Spider watched…She so wanted to join in,but she had nothing to offer. As she watched all the merriment going on, She thought something is missing….
        As the door closed, she realized what it was, and as She spun her Web over the tree and the wreath on the door and the branches on the fire mantle, the room took on the Sparkle of the night stars, twinkling in the firelight, making shimmering rainbows of colors.
        And as she finished GrandMother Spider went back to her corner to watch….the tree Sparkled of a thousand stars, the Faeries were dancing in delight of all the finery of Yule.
        To the amazement of the mother when she came into the room, she cried at all the wonderful gifts from the Animals, and as She turned to to GrandMother Spider in her corner, she Welcomed her to sit at the top of the Tree to watch all the celebration and to join if she so Chose.,, She was an Honored Guest from that day forward…..

        it is also said this is how tinsel became part of Christmas trees tradition…

        what most people don’t realize is their Christmas traditions of Tinsel,started in a Pagan Ways too, the GrandMothers Spiders Gift as did all the berries, mistletoe,branches, and so on
        my parents were stationed in Germany and the first 5 yrs of my life were in the hands of a very Wise German woman,who taught me early on about Gaia….
        there are more versions of the story, but this is how I remember….I make spiders each year for my friends to put on their trees…( yes some think I am crazy LOLs) but I love making them ….)
        I hope you enjoyed my version and may GrandMother Spider decorate your dreams in beauty Jane as your Spirit is and hold them in a DreamCatcher
        Take Care…You Matter…
        (excuse the the typos, a long day catching up)

  2. I had never heard that but I love it. I also cherish spiders and do not kill them. So I will have to look to see if I can find one to put in the tree….. it will probably be fake at this point,

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