Lessons from my dogs

I have to apologize if I seem to be absent from posting and commenting. My WordPress account is messed up. I cannot do things I could before such as read blogs without shutting my IE down. I go to comment on blogs and it won’t let me. Hopefully this will post ok.

What I have learned from my dogs.

These are my new doggies. We have had them now for about three weeks. They are wonderful.  Browny is the son of Cookie and it is not hard to guess by there names who is who. Little Ms. Cookie is a little loaf of bread on legs. But she is anything but mild manner. She is alpha to her son. But she is Daddy’s little girl.cookie 11-13   Browny is more attached to me but they both are very smart and loving. These pups have gone through rescue three times and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. They have not had a vet check yet, but I would never return a dog for having a health issue. Most of my dogs have come to me when no one else wanted them, a couple of them with some serious health issues that cleared up. This is Browny who is a tad hyper at times, but is still under the age of two and shows it. Borwnie in the window They have taught me so much. Browny is very in tuned with me and knows when to jump into my arms and love me up. He was the more scared of the two and now is much braver. they both demonstrate fear with loud noises, sudden movement and shrink if they think they are going to get hit. His favorite thing is to lean on me in bed and flip on his back for belly rubs. But when he looks into my eyes, I see such trust. I need to learn to trust like he does. He has had a lot of adversity in his short life and yet, he knows what safe is. I am still learning that. Feeling safe and having trust are both very difficult for me.

I love coming home from work, tired and frazzled and letting these guys out to explode into the yard. They barely touch the ground as they push and shove each other like horses let out of the gate at the races. They fly around the yard in wild abandonment and glee. This is their method of discharging their tension.

rough time finding a place to call home. I think it was because they were waiting for me and my family. I miss Bishop, and still see him in the shadows. I know he would approve of them loving me. He would have loved to have someone to paly with like this when he was younger. My Toots, who was his first sibling did not know what play was. Bishop had a best friend, Rusty, who would go to the park with him or come over to play. When we got Bubbi, they would run like these guys do. These little guys have taught me life moves on whether your ready or not. And you make of it what you can. Excellent canine lessons. The guys are forever home and in our hearts.

Miss CMr.B


3 thoughts on “Lessons from my dogs

  1. Lovely little beings. You can see their spirit in their faces. Glad you are getting loved up by them…and they are lucky too.

    Sorry about your WP issues. If you go to the help desk and ask questions they do have peeps that monitor and answer. I have gotten help that way and a fix. Just a suggestion. WP has been doing lots of updates that have been wreaking havoc. Good Luck getting it worked out. Blessings!

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