It is with pleasure that I would like to introduce the newest members of our family. I struggled with whether it was too soon, but I had it on great authority from a whisper in my heart that Bishop wanted us to continuing to love and provide for dogs in need. The story of these two is a bit confusing and has huge gaps. This was their third time in foster care. The time before was last year when they were considered no longer “proper” for breeding. They were neutered and adopted only to return once more to Lollypop. This person said they did not have time for them and they went into the group Rescued Treasures, which is where they came from to me.
Meet Cookie who is slowly becoming PookieMiss Pookie Aka Cookie
She is the Mom dog and she is almost 7. She is the more aggressive of the two but is smaller. She is a sweetheart and seems to enjoy her new found place. She slept upside down between Joe and I last night.
Little Bear 11-10-13 This is Browny, slowly becoming Little Bear.
He is definitely Mommer’s new boy. He spent the night on me. He is taller and a bit shy.
Their favorite thing to do is Smack down. They run around like crazy and “fight” tumbling over each taking a turn on top. This is post smack down.Post smack down
They are getting used to their new world, but it seems like they have been here forever.Magoo the cat is not happy. They will all figure it all out.There are a ton of toys and new chew bones. They are a blessing. Love our bonesYours better
They are done with the coming and going in their lives. coming and going


4 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. This was a very kind thing you did Jane, especially because of their History. I am not found of dog breeders to say the least. They just use a dog up then get rid of it. It appears they will enjoy their new (permanent home)

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