Canine love

It will be a week Sunday that Bishop went to the Bridge. When he passed in my arms, I felt him go through me. I know he is with me forever. I knew this summer his time was short. I thought I was prepared to let him go home. But the pain is immense. So to help me, I collected all the images I had  and I want to share some more of my beautiful boy.

Bishop was obtained originally to be a friend for Toots. She was a basset I adopted back in the 90’s when my 16 year old beagle passed over. Toots did not like other dogs, but she tolerated the big lug. She would bark when he would run around her. They never slept together, but they were always near each other.


100-0064_IMG When we transported a little basset named Caleb, he ended up at our house to foster. We failed as fosters and Bubbi joined the pack.  100-0005_IMG

Bubbi and Bishop became the butt boys

and would play and run for hours and then

crash and snooze together.


Toots went to the bridge and the boys missed her. We were asked to help on an emergency rescue. A woman was going into a situation of hiding from an brutal ex and needed to put her dogs in a safe place. It was to be only temporary. she never came back for the dogs.  We final placed Owen after two years. He was too much for me at the time as I was very sick. He went to a farm where he was thrilled to be the master of two female doggies. bed full IMG_1150

After many years of fun and basset love, Bubbi became quite ill. He had Cushing’s. He was only supposed to live only six months, but he was with us for two and a half more years. Bishop became an only dog in honor of his time that he shared his world with other dogs. He was king and spoiled.

I miss my boy so much. IMG_0792


5 thoughts on “Canine love

  1. All dogs in these pictures look so gentle. I can understand that you miss your dog..
    I miss my dogs from when I was little and they each had their own personalities and no other dog will ever be the same. Pictures can heal a little bit of the pain so keep looking at them! They might be physically gone but they will never be entirely gone as long as they are in our thoughts. x

    If you like to look at dog pictures come take a look at Barneyland:

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