In Honor of Bishop….. atb 10-28-2013

100-0079_IMG (2)

He was a scrawny mess of a dog. I was tending the Basset booth at a Humane Society event. I had my Toots with me when someone came up and said I should go look at this dog. They were going to put him down at 7pm when the place closed. They said he was a basset blend. So I went and looked at this dog that God had put together with pieces from other dogs. He got along with Toots which was amazing as she did not like other dogs too much. She walked with him on a joint leash and was calm. I thought he would make a good dog for her and my husband. I have no idea why I brought him home. It was meant to be. He was skinny, weighing only 40 pounds. He should have weighed about 80 or 90. He had short legs but the basset long body. He was a mess. He was meant to be.

Bishop was there for me when I went through my divorce. He would know when I was upset, or if he heard me crying, he would come find me, crawl into my lap as much as he could and let me cry on him. Sometimes he would bring me a ball and say, “Ok Mommer, its ok, now let’s play.”bish831  He grew so strong and he became my Champion. There was not a squirrel that Bishop would tolerate. The garden was his Kingdome he shared with me.

100-0079_IMGHe would jump off the 010deck in wild abandonment after a grey bandit. It was his joy.



I have to stop for now…. but I have so much more to share about my beloved boy. We had fourteen years of love together.

I want to share it.


6 thoughts on “In Honor of Bishop….. atb 10-28-2013

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss Jane. As you know a pet as close as this one was to you can be tragic. I know it’s hard but just try to remember all of the positive thoughts that you retain from this pet.

  2. Thinking of you..and Bishop…my heart aches with you…
    there is no words for the loss of such unconditional love….
    ( My Sadie was 19 and half when she left me..still hurts, )
    I wish for you a peace-filled moment to remember the love…
    Take care Jane…You Matter…

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