Closing the Garden

yard fall It is sad and very difficult for me to close the garden up for the year. We put all the statues away and this weekend I will take and dump all the pots. They actually have snow predicted for today. I do not need a forecast from any other source than my body. I am all aches. The cold bothers me not only because I do not like the cold, but it makes me flare. I like fall when it is warm and the trees are full of color. November through March are not my favorite months.

herbs We had a cherry tomato plant that produced green tomatoes which Chip and Dale and Mrs. Bunny thought were excellent. We actually ate about five. I brought all the herbs into the enclosed back porch until I am ready to process them.  I prefer them fresh and so they will stay there until it really gets cold. It smells so good out there.

last rosesI have one new rose bush I put in pretty late into the season. I was not sure if it was going to take. But it presented me with two late blooming roses. I anguished on whether to cut them but I did and brought them in to my writing spot. They have steady opened and giving me great joy. Their color is amazing. They are helping as I transition in to the cold months.

cut rosesopen roses


4 thoughts on “Closing the Garden

  1. I still have flowers growing and everyday I know I should take them out of the pots…but I can’t. They are beautiful…but delicate and one heavy frost that they will be gone. But I wait. All the statues are put away, and as you said, difficult to close down for the winter. Chicago has some bad winter months and they can be dark and long and sometimes we don’t even have spring. So, I wait. They are beautiful and happy so I will wait for Mother Nature to take back what is hers.

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