A Footnote in History

This is a powerful and wonderful piece that touched me. This writer is very talented and I wanted to share his gift.


Perhaps he was a footnote in history, there was no one left to ask, this veteran of a near forgotten war, now bought to life only in films and sometimes books, but lived by him back when his legs stilled moved, and crawled without complaint through this same undergrowth.

Nearing his centenary, and the last of the old pals, he sat upon his chair with blanket round his limbs and watched the wind play with the grass and leaves. No cordite now, no friends crying out their last as bodies ceased to breath. His eyes, which seemed unfocused to his relatives, looked out for  faces loved so long ago and torn from life by one man’s evil brilliance and dark acolytes who gave muscle to his plans.

To those around him the veteran, who waited on his thoughts, the scene was now at peace, with only a cross to excite the memory, but in his mind, where Jack and Stan …

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