Whats in a meme?

In response to Thoughtsalone’ blog about similarity of bloggers. http://thoughtsalone.com/2013/08/29/people-or-memes

Meme: “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena. (Wikipedia)

I definitely see a small group of us who always check in with each other and comment and support each other. I have a very small following and I really do not care about the number of people who respond to my posts. It is not why I write. I started writing as an outlet for my journey to ask questions and to help me think through the process. I actually never have thought as myself as a writer. Through time and by no actual means, I think we all gravitated towards each other because of the time and effort put forth by all of us to acknowledge each other. And yes, of course, it was the similarity of content that was the draw.

The idea that people put up masks and have multiple exposures is probably true. Is that not the concept of a pen name? I actually did not even think to use a pen name when I set up my account. And the reason was I did not ever think anyone would really read my “stuff.”  My writing is the most honest exposure I have. In my “real” life, I have been accused of acting and playing roles. I think I do not do that as much and I work hard at being just me. But then I had to figure out who me was.  I think we all adapt to some role in order to fit in with society. But as I have written many times, I often feel ostracized and different. It does not bother me anymore for multiple reasons but mostly because we are not ever separate from the whole. We can be different and we need to be different to be an individual, but we all are connected. I do embrace individuality because I like the variety and because there is always something to learn from people.

People who hide or show a front usually are very much in pain of some sort. It takes a lot of courage to accept one’s self when one thinks their past is tainted or they have never felt worthy. And if you do not understand that you are not your history, it can be very hard. The world does not want people who are bleeding from their soul. We do not want other’s issues. Well, most people do not want to bother. Some people do want to help and are willing to let the actor truly expose themselves and become a whole person. It takes a lot of guts to assimilate our pasts and put the harm and pain in perspective and move on. This process would not be necessary if we did not judge. But people do. So people hide and portray a role they think will be more acceptable because they still have not learned who they are, accept it, and embrace their current life. I get that! I am not saying I accept out and out lying however. But I understand why people may seem fake or whatever you want to call it. We have to give them the space to come out and be. Very scary stuff when you are on the other side of the shell. But I think if someone is actually taking the time to react to one’s blog, it is a plea for a hand. Maybe not in all cases as I am sure there are antagonists out there.

As far as there being meme here:  Yes, of course there is. Is that not what this is this is all about? I cannot fathom that there would be any other recourse than a gravitational pull of like minds. When I first started participating in WordPress, I would spend  time looking at other people’s blogs. I am not even sure how and who I connected with at first. I actually started that game of going to posts and liking them in hopes they would look at mine. Some did, and then I stopped doing it because it was taking away the real reason of my writing. But I connected with one or two and started following them because I liked what they said. It was the direction I was going. Then I saw comments made on their blogs and I went to those writer’s blogs because again, I liked what they said. I stopped the game of trying to build readers. I have a pretty small group of blog’s I follow all the time and a very small group of followers. My intent to write is only to reflect and maybe someone will find solace in the fact that someone is in the same place they might be. When I first started my journey, it was the isolating feeling as I thought no one had ever been where I was  or did what I was going through. HA! Boy was I wrong. I found great comfort in reading and commiserating with fellow travelers.

The biggest blessing I have with this blog has been the small band of authors that check in daily or often. When I do not see their blog or hear from them, I have true concern about their wellbeing.  I have been uberblessed (smile) with some very special relationships. I have written about them and it is apparent in the comments we make back and forth of that connection. I have gone beyond WordPress with two of them and I am grateful for their support. Would anyone of us know each other physically if we were to walk by each other on the street? Probably not. Is that really knowing someone if you cannot not recognize them in the physical form? I think the connection is a deeper one than that and I am not sure I can do justice with describing it in words. The connection is a soul connection. For me, it is just perfect in that and so I do not really think beyond that. If it all turns out that it is all pretense, then ok, it was what it was for the time I needed it to be. But I have more faith in myself and the people I have connected with that they are very real. And I also know myself well enough to know that I really deeply care for them and I hope they know that.

This WordPress was placed in my path for what was originally one reason and has turned into another. It is absolutely a meme. But it is also much more. It is an embrace on a day when the preverbal boot was meeting the butt. It is an oasis of ideas which provide a comfortable hug to the soul. It is a place to be real as much as the viral world will allow. It is a hand reaching out when you are searching. It is school for those who wish to grow and learn. Our blogs are the collection of ideas and expressions of total strangers but of the same Source. We express in words and pictures but it goes way beyond in some cases.



3 thoughts on “Whats in a meme?

  1. I am so glad you responded, thank you! Yours is a completely different and compassionate take on the issue. I totally get the holding back and not revealing true identity or full disclosure piece you describe. That is very understandable, and i think you’re right that it can be an effective way for a reserved spirit to blossom. I’ve enjoyed watching your growth in confidence and identity along those lines, as one example. My thinking was more about those who put forth multiple personalities under different profiles for whatever subtle reason, but mostly to pretend to be someone they’re not. You’ve done a good job of reminding me of the human side of this issue. I still think there is a sinister side too, but you’re probably right that the two are very separate and acted out by different people. Great insight and post!

  2. Jane this is the most well written post I have seen from you yet. Thoughtsalone did an excellent job of describing your post all I can add is the big change I have noticed in you since I started following you is you have gone from a couple of post a week to daily or more now. No holding you back now !!

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