The Story of Broken Wing

BW in waterThis is the story of Broken Wing. BW lives in the 1000 Islands. He was born there and he will die there. He is a big goose by anyone’s standard. But when he was younger, someone took a shot at him and hit is wing. cu of BWHe is unable to fly. He feels different and is often all by himself because he can never fly off with the other geese. flying geese 1 But he has friends. His mentor is John Gull. He is a wise bird who has taught him how to survive. He shows him where the best grass is to munch. He leads him to visitors who toss him food. He often finds the offerings very salty, except for the Lady of the River who knows him and feeds him unsalted treats. He wishes she would stay and take care of him and she wishes she could. But that is not possible.John Gull

But Jon Gull is a smart bird. He tells BW that everyone has something to offer. Even if he cannot fly, he is still a special bird and there is no one else like him. And he should celebrate that fact. And so BW does. He starts to dance. He discovers he can dance like no other bird. His joy is in his feet. He is a powerful dancer because he swims all the time. He can swim very fast too. But his dancing is magnificent. It is so wonderful that when BW starts to dance the other birds join in the dance.

BW dancemore dancing geese  Soon everyone is dancing with BWdancing geese

BW finds great happiness in his dancing and it brings great joy to the flock. Even though BW cannot fly away he knows he is a special goose. And because he brings great joy to those around him, the flock returns every night to swim to the cove to rest for the night and  BW goes with them.geese to cove


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