At the River part 2 Birds of Prey

river morning Morning breaks so beautifully on the river. Our hot spot internet seems to be giving us some difficulty. I am going to try and publish this and see if it goes. Today we had the best boat ride. The Captain knew us from all the trips we have taken and knows I am a photographer in search of birds. Since we were the only ones on the boat for a while, he gave us quite a tour. flying egrets

Our guide went searching for something I have never seen. He also explained that the Osprey, who were once an endanger species has come back to the River in abundance and since they are natural enemies, the Herons are less. I did see my favorite heron again this morning, but my camera was not up and ready.  Todays birds were all birds of prey. And I have never had the shot like I got today of an eagle.

fledgling eagle Here he is in the tree. It is a fledgling. Later we saw the parent. eagle in tree

flying eagle

After we came back from dinner, I went for a walk and was thrilled at the site of the orange moon over the property. What a wonderful day. I shot over 207 photos today. Blessings to all and to all a good moon


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