At The River part 1

hunting  osprey


Arrived at The River yesterday afternoon. I immediately went out on the porch and looked up to see an Osprey flying over head. I just smiled and said “Hi, Rising Hawk and thanks.” We were there two minutes and did not even unpack. Later, I went to down to the water to bless my charms and rest in my spot. I was there two minutes and at least three Osprey flew over….. I laughed and said “Ok… that was showing off.” Turns out we are near a nest and there is a family.

golf cart

Today we went for a river cruise and I will save the pictures for another time. Joe is back to playing golf so we decided to go to the historical course on Wellesley Island and check it out. There are actually two courses. We went on the newer one that is where the old Boldt farm was. There are old canals all over this place that Geo. Boldt put in. They have filled in some of them and left plenty for water hazards. It is beautiful. I took pictures and drove the cart. We had and absolute blast. golf pond

Boldt barns

This is one of the old barns on the property. There was a front farm and a back farm where they had the cattle and other animals. This was part of a pasture once and is now the 16h hole. It is beautiful. When we came back around after the ninth hole, I could hear a familiar screeching and there was a Red tailed hawk and its youngster was yelling from the tree.


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