Getting ready for vacation.

One week from tonight I will be sitting on the porch overlooking the river. I can hardly wait. The soft breezes and abundant sunshine will do wonders for my weary body.

room with a view

In preparation for our new house and dog sitter, I spent the day cleaning and washing.

LaundryThe garden is beginning to wind down. The Impatients have lost their blooms. I am not sure if it the change in light or too much rain. It is early for them to drop. I did manage to get the shed painted thanks to my friend Laurie. I have some trim to add and some touch up. I got the beds weeded and deadheaded the hostas and roses.


I have a busy week ahead in preparation for our trip. I am also meeting with some people for a project for this fall which is very exciting. Although summer is almost over, I am looking forward to fall this year for the first time in years.


But for tonight I will take my aching body to my chair and turn towards the sky in hopes of catching a falling star.



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