Follow the Blue Crab Example – When Molting, Seek Very Safe (Loving) Environs. Follow the Hopi Elders Message…

Many people I know had ” a week.’ I thought this was a fantastic log and I loves the Hopi Elders. Mare writes some really great stuff.

For the Earth Blog

There are times when we just feel so tested. I have been going through one of those times recently (and I gather I’m not alone). This past week was a real doozy and it has occurred to me that perhaps hiding in my bed is the best strategy. But that’s not much of a way to live life. And I’ve done too much emotional/spiritual work to seek that escape option again.

So perhaps just staying in my house and working on projects from here is a smart way to go. Not hide in the bed. Just look longingly at it as I walk by my bedroom to use the bathroom and then go back to the computer or other paperwork. 

I got a very distinct personal message from Mother on Thursday after a particularly not-fun incident with another person that really struck me to the core. The message was that…

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