Spirit Images

Yesterday, Rising Hawk started a blog interaction about what his real physical image looks like verses what image is portrayed by his words. It was an interesting exercise. I posted an email directly to him as I often see him when I read his work. I see images of all the authors I follow. He replied that I described very accurately his spirit persona. Of course it was that image I see. That is who writes his blog. Spirit is who writes all the amazing blogs I read. I wish I could spend the day on my computer and read through every great blog on the site. I do enjoy every day going through the ones I constantly read. To me it is visiting friends, spending a day in class learning and growing with every stanza, picture and tale. I think what is shared in these blogs is more connecting and inspiring than going to church. They are a direct view into the souls of some pretty amazing people. What a blessing this place is.

I also have other social media accounts and thought about what they offer. I keep a LinkedIn account for professional use and that one even gets hits from people I do not know nor would want to. Facebook seems to be used by many as a place to air their vendettas or complain about the same thing all the time. I think I have become a social media snob. I do like the humor and videos and I like that I can connect with far away friends. But it is not the same as visiting with the authors I visit here. I see more than the words when I read. I visit with their souls.

Rising Hawk’s post got me thinking about what my spirit image looks like. Who is the me I am in spirit?  I know I am a work in progress and have so much to learn. But after the post last night, I really struggled to figure out my spirit. What was the sense I have about what is inside, really deep? What is it that people sense about me? Who is the Light being that I am? The answer was not there.



2 thoughts on “Spirit Images

  1. Consider that, as you do your spiritual work and peel back the layers of stuff that may be hiding your spirit, you will uncover it, and you will shine brighter and brighter. Consider too that…even though you may not see it yet….it does not mean it is not visible to others. Know that your spirit and your Light does shine, and is seen. Blessings!

  2. It goes back to something we’ve discussed before. Sometimes we need to stop searching and simply be. We don’t have to figure out what it is. Life reveals itself to us when we open our hearts and minds to see. Peace.

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