Circles and Messages

Flying heron

Heron on the River. photo by JDeMeis 2013

   Life is a circle and it evolves in an expanding motion with new circles forming when it is time and if we allow it.  Everything we experience is on our circle and spins with us as long as we need it. Those who travel with us include teachers, guides, friends, co-workers, family and spouses. And then we move on to the next expanded circle which may have some attachment from the previous circle, sometimes with and sometimes without those who were on the previous circle. But there are moments when the circles connect and it may bring memories and past feelings only for a moment and then the circle evolves on its own to the next circle. This is what I have been taught and I know.

We are totally in control of how long we stay in each circle. We can stay where we are and continuously circle in the same pattern for life. That to me is not something I want. What makes a circle change and expand is knowledge. Sometimes we do not like what we learn or experience at first and it throws the circle out of whack. I think that is the feeling I described previously like a washing machine out of balance on the spin cycle. But the information is present for a reason. We can decide to absorb it, use it to grow and change…or not. We have free will. We receive this information through messages.

The ability to see and hear messages is a skill that has to be acquired. I am new to receiving messages and it still blows me away. Let me explain, I am not talking about phone calls or direct communication. Messages come from unknown resources and in unexpected places. You have to be ready and willing to receive them. It is not that the sending of messages is new to me, they were always incoming. What is new is being ready to receive them and interpret the meaning. I still look to guides who have more wisdom than I to help with the interpretation when I am confused. Sometimes I get it immediately.

I have learned a very important step in getting messages: You have to ask. And you have to ask in a clear and precise manner. You cannot just say I want to feel better. You have to say how and where and when. It is a skill they teach new teachers when they have to learn to write directions for learning. If you are not clear on what you are asking, how will you know when you receive the answer?

I have been receiving replies in many manners to many questions asked. For example, I asked guidance in my relationships with many people as this is an area I have many issues. I asked for guidance and I received the answer not only from the Creator, but from other guides and messengers. They intuitively knew what I needed. The messages were not what I wanted to hear and I knew I was going to have difficulty in changing my ways, but I did. I like to fix things and people and I in reality I cannot. My actually desire to fix was hindering the growth of the people that I was trying to help. As someone who is learning to become a healer, you have to learn when to stay out and let the person heal from within. My circle has continued on with the knowledge that it is ok to not fix and it is ok when the relationships change because of that.

I also wrote about the upcoming situation with a family reunion and the angst it was creating in me. I received messages again and some were painful to admit in their truth. But the reality, I was causing all the pain because I was experiencing the feelings from a past circle. The only person who was making me feel bad was me. I had to release that circle and the control it had and I have. These people are not of my current circle, and I do not think they will ever be again. But I want to honor myself and the changes I have made, so I will attend the reunion for a very short visit and then continue on my way. I am curious to see what everyone looks like, especially one brother I have not seen in twenty years.

My favorite animal totem has been for years the blue heron. I fell in love and connected with them when my husband and I first started going to the River years ago. My love for them has only increased. I have a ton of pictures of them. I have statues and art adorning my house and garden and charms of the bird that I wear. I see them when I head towards the lake when I go to work as there is a nesting spot I drive by. I never see them at my house because the only water nearby is the canal. I never knew what the spirit message was until this weekend when I looked it up. I have attached two explanations of their meaning in this post.

The best message I received was the other night. The wind was whipping up a storm and I was directed to sit out in my chair. With all that has been going on I was feeling disconnected. My usual evening prayer and meditation had not been as comforting as it usually is. This was very early for me to sit out, but I was meant to. As I was looking at the trees bending in the wind, I saw movement in the air coming from behind my head. I turned and focused on the object in totally disbelief. It was a blue heron. She flew in slow motion across my vision path. I have lived in this house for eleven summers and have never seen a blue heron in the sky. And looking towards the sky is something I have instinctively done my whole life. She sailed slowly by as if to make sure I saw her. As she disappeared behind the tall trees and out of my vision I burst into tears. The sense of relief was so strong it overpowered me. I knew my circle would soon balance again and it has. It has expanded to include new guides and new learning. It is structured with growth and possibilities and I am feeling my Light beginning to shine brightly again.

For those of you who circle with me, I honor you and I am grateful for all you have brought me.


Heron and Egret has a   strong connection to the element of Earth
and you must also be aware and cultivate this connection.
The Mother Earth is a source of strength
and will help you stand strong and firm.

Heron medicine allows you   to perform many tasks at the same time,
keeping all in balance.
If one way doesn’t work, then another way will.
Heron and Egret people seem to instinctively know this.

Heron people do not need a   lot of people in their life
and they are often follow non-traditional roles.
They feel no need to “keep up with the Jones.”
They stand out in their uniqueness
and know how to take advantage of things
and events that most people wouldn’t bother with.

You know what is best for   you and you should follow that path.
Be aggressive when opportunities present themselves —
don’t let them get away from you.

As an animal spirit guide, the   blue heron serves to support your inner desire to awaken your soul.   Inherently, you may feel what is the right path for yourself, but in physical   reality, you may face difficulties and judgments from those who disapprove of   your choices.

The blue heron can guide your   direction and help you assert yourself in spite of discouragement from   others. When your soul is aligned with your mission and life purpose, your   journey is illuminated, usually one step at a time. The blue heron animal   guide can help you gain independence, self-reliance, and dignity.




7 thoughts on “Circles and Messages

  1. It is a beautiful image, really – the puzzle that you are piecing together at an ever more rapid pace. A picture of vibrant, swirling colors, of harmony, peace and joy and, most importantly . . . LIGHT. The changes in you in just the past few months have been astonishing! You are rising to meet LIFE – the “Quickening” is happening, and it is glorious. Keep Soaring 😉 Namaste . . .

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