Sunday gratitude

CupidThere is a circle of people out there that six months ago I was not aware of. My stumbling into this place was serendipitous and was the next step in my healing. The circle is this place, right here: WordPress. The members are all the writers that take the time to share their thoughts, their stories, their pain and their joy. For me, this place is magical. I would like to spend hours just perusing through the multitude of blogs. I have certain ones that I faithfully follow. There is one who I boldly connected past the blog and found a warrior who championed my cause and gave me power to steadily move on my path. In my gratitude roll call this morning, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge all the wonderful writers and speak to how much their work has done for me. I want to express my gratitude for this place.

When I first posted, it was only meant for a place to write as I traveled on my journey of awareness and healing. I was sending my work to my guide, but was acutely aware that I needed to spare him the time and effort it took to read. I was not a writer of any means. Matter of fact, I have been accused often of having my own language. I had taken writing courses as part of my schooling and was never singled out as being accomplished in my efforts in any manner. I wrote some poetry, short stories and could spin a yarn. My journaling efforts that became a habit with my therapy really were integral to my healing. When I decided to switch over to actually blogging, it took it to a higher level. This is an enormous gift, this place to write. I am very grateful for finding this place and having the opportunity to share my thoughts and progress.

What I get out of this place is more than I imagined. This is a place of safety and camaraderie; where inner thoughts and fears are shared, not judged. I often receive helping support when my days turn a bit rough. It is like an extended safety net. I can come here; spend a moment or two putting my thoughts to paper, and offer up the complex and simple moments of fear. I feel better because for me, it often releases the anguish. What I did not expect when I started this was the circle of writers who systematically and faithfully respond. Matter of fact, I did not expect anyone to read this stuff at first and the anonymity helped me to produced pieces that exposed my vulnerability. It was exactly what I needed. Having the support of those who have walked the walk, and now share their wisdom by responding to me with sage advice has been the most productive medicine in the world.

I could spend hours plowing through blog after blog. The time is never wasted but I unfortunately I do not have the time to read the thousands of wonderful expressions. There is photography and poetry and wonderful quick affirmations. I will look at other posts that share with the small circle of blogs I have placed in my reader. The circle continues to grow. But there are a few I never miss, even if I do not get to them immediately. The time I spend reading through them never disappoints.

Because I am visual, I see us all in a pub, spinning tales and swapping solutions. I see a boisterous band of men and women who have traveled the earth either physically or through other authors or experiences. The talent in the circle is immense and varied in their methods of storytelling. But the friendships are strong. Each author reveals their plot and offers up their soul for the moment. In telling their tale, their personal armor comes down and the exposure is great. The group protects each other as band of fellow soldiers would. I have yet to see a nasty or stupid reply posted in rebuttal. To me, that shows the caliber of the participants. I think that is what allows for the healing to occur; the ability to be vulnerable and yet safe at the same time. What a magnificent place to be. With humble gratitude I raise my glass in your honor.

I recently asked someone if they saw the world changing. Did they see how people are becoming more….. and the word eluded me. I could not articulate exactly what the change was. I have been thinking about this ever since. What is different? There is much that is different in me. There is a lot of difference in my sphere of influence. But it much more global than I realized and I became more aware when I came to this place of creation. I still do not have the word to describe what I think the change is and I am cautious to try. Whatever it is, it is wondrous. We hear and read in the current media only of tragedy and horrific tales of strife, debauchery and suffering. The media paints a different world vision than what I see and feel. At first I thought I was incorrect in my assumptions, but finding so many thousands of people who take the time to write about their personal awakenings made me realize there is something happening.My personal circle of people who are physically in my life is evolving as well. I believe likes attract but I am also aware that people are placed on our path for a purpose.

This blog site with its opportunity to share and read is nirvana. I am also realizing there are other sites similar to this. Where did all these writers come from? When I first started my journey, I remember thinking I was alone and I can remember asking for a place to share my thoughts with fellow travelers. It was here all along. I thought; “who knew?” I smile gently when I think back to the fear and suffering I went through that was so overwhelming at the time and now is but a small memory. I no longer feel the pain of the nasty incidents of my life. I have chronicled them, compartmentalized them, and put the where they belong. Such is the power of writing. And such is the power of words to heal. I am eternally grateful.

I wish there was a way to bundle this all up and pass it on to people who I connect with who need some guidance as they begin their personal journeys. This is not the fix all for everyone and I am acutely aware of that. I also know there are a multitude of books out there as I have read MANY and will continue to add to my library. But for this Sunday morning post, I wanted to make sure I expressed my gratitude and thanks for “meeting” so many glorious healers as that is what you all are. Teachers and healers. I am sending a blessing and a prayer that your fingers never tire, your thoughts never become stagnant and that forever you will offer up your soul for the moment of your writing. Please know that you are doing more for the world than all the drugs combined could do to heal and help. Thank you.






2 thoughts on “Sunday gratitude

  1. What more can one say? That was a beautiful post of gratitude from the heart of a beautiful soul. You, too, bless the lives of others with your words; strengthen them, listen, hold their hand. For this I am grateful to you and say thank you. Namaste . . .

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