To my very amazement, two people have nominated my blog for awards. I am humbled by their recognition. I never thought I would be honored in any manner when I started to write this post. I have to figure out how to put the awards on my page and do what you are supposed to do for the awards, but…alas I am struggling with how to post them correctly. How sad is that? I have a frigging Masters in Instructional Technology and this is throwing me? But I do want the people who nominated me to know how humbled I was by their gift.

I remember the day, second, and minute I hit post for the first time on this blog. I had been writing an on-going journal of sorts for about four months. I initially sat down to write to my guide and therapist and he encouraged me to write about my life. He was subjected to my very long and involved explanations of what I was sifting through on a daily basis as I was progressing through the therapy. I shared with him the pain and misery I had gone through in the years of my childhood. I had something that I had shut away for a very long time. When I was a younger woman, I had flashbacks of a horrid event and did not have all the pieces. Through my work with John, I was able to fill in the blanks so to speak and finally put it to rest. It was not a pleasant experience to relive, but the healing would never have  happen for me until I did. I spent hours writing about intimate details of things in my life that I had never shared with anyone before, let alone on paper. The graciousness of the man who received these long epistles is a gift I will forever be grateful for. It was through my writing that I found the place of healing and recovery.

Then after so many months, I knew that it was becoming a burden for him. Although he would use the stories to gage where I was in therapy, there was a lot to read. The medicine that writing provided need to have the prescription changed because I needed to not be a pain in the butt, but still needed to write. I had done a blog in college and I thought I would look into what was out there. And I found WordPress.

I still remember setting up the blog and writing the first post about stubbing my toe which was an overview of my journey in a short post. I sat there for an hour with my finger over the detonation button that would launch the post. I hit it and I have not looked back since.

This is no longer an exercise in just me writing. WordPress is a community. Somewhere along the way, I found a posting from Rising Hawk and became an immediate fan. I had brass ones and actually wrote him a personal email. He has an amazing book he wrote that took me to the next level of healing. He would respond to submissions of my work as I progressed through his book.  It was one of his exercises I did that I realized that the past was just that and I was putting it where it belonged. My circle has continued on with new healings, but I am forever in Rising Hawk’s debt for helping me with that time. I have since passed his book on to a friend who needs it. But his constant support and replies to my postings continue to be a special recognition for me. My group has grown and I will list the ones who I want to pass this award on to below.

I have other social media outlets, which in truth I do not use much. But every morning for the most part, I now start my day with a cup of coffee and my computer. Sometimes what I write has been circling in my head and comes out with great ease. Those posts I have to reread as I am only the tool who types as the words come from someplace else. Other times, I just want to write about something I am working through in my head and need my putting them on “paper” to help make it clear. The reward is the comments and feedback I get from my fellow bloggers. I do not seek others in only an attempt to build readership. So it amazes me when someone new joins and follows me. It truly is humbling.

But there are other wise and wonderful writers who consistently honor my work with either a comment or a “like”. They probably do not know how much their validation means to me or how much their wise words have done to help heal me and grow. But I look for their responses because it is one more candle lit on my path. One of those writers is Mar Drag. http://fromthedeskofmardrag.wordpress.com/  Her posts circle from sublimely humorous to very deep and provocative thinking. Her responses to me are always encouraging and spot on. To have her actually nominate me for this award was staggering. I am deeply honored and grateful. I encourage my friends to check her out along with the list below.  I am passing this award on to them. There are many great sites out there but I want to honor the blogs below with this award. I am not sure if I am following protocol, but for now, this is what I got. Again, thank you





http://presentorigin.wordpress.com/  And I thank you for your nomination and I will post it as soon as I figure all of it out. That was very sweet of you.







3 thoughts on “Honors

  1. Your nomination is well deserved! Congratulations 🙂 And to receive it from MarDrag is pretty cool! I am humbled at your kind words regarding me, and honored by the nomination. All that truly matters to me is that your life is growing in a positive way . . . and that you KEEP WRITING 😉 Namaste . . .

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