The Morning Visitor

The cove


The cove

Everyday, I would get up before 6 am and watch the River wake up. It very quiet and devoid of humans. It is the time of reflection and prayer. I would sit on my porch and watch the parade. The only sound breaking the quiet was the click of the shutter of my camera. This was the best time to do my gratitude roll call. I also started a new ritual of a pain dump. The morning is the worse time for my body’s revolt against movement, having slept in one position for most of the night. I worry that there will be a morning that I will have no control of my legs and will not be able to move. But that is not really going to happen. This morning that I shot these, the water was very accepting of my pain which I sent it. I decided, no actually, I was directed to go to the edge of the water and wait. Normally, I sit high up on the porch and watch. I trundled myself of to the water’s edge and waited. The River is pretty cold in August when we normally go up, so there was not a morning swim in my plans this June morning. Camera in tow, I waited quietly. When…

Blue Heron

Charlene says good morning

Up popped up my favorite bird, Charlene. We sat and stared at each other and I was afraid to move for fear she would startle. She allowed me to shoot a few shots of her, but in my nervousness, they were not so great. I have been shooting pictures of the heron who comes to this cove now for about four years. I have no idea if it truly is the same bird. I was shooting with a small camera and have logged probably a 100 shots of this bird on her rock which is across the cove. The voice in my head told me to go to the edge and I was delighted with my visit. She actually peeked around the rock and sort of startled me as I have never been this close. This was my birthday present as the day was the dawn of my fifty-ninth year. I took it all as a great omen of the upcoming year. Herons have been my totem for years. We have many herons where I live and my commute to work is not complete until I have a least one sighting. Part of my enjoyment of coming to the river is to see and photograph as many animals as I can, especially herons.  Charlene had not failed me in the past years as she seems to know when I am out and will come a pose at her rock across the cove. This closeness is totally unusual for herons as they are loners and very excitable. Normally, they would not allow for this close proximity. She stayed for awhile, occasionally checking to see what I was doing, which was staring at her with my mouth wide open. The picture does not do justice as to how close we actually were. For me, there is no greater gift than the acceptance of animals. I have noticed lately that they look at me differently as do small children. We were in a crowd of dog lovers this weekend and the pups would single me out and come to me for a scratch. Someone commented that their dog never is that affectionate to strangers. This to me is also part of the gift I received and I am grateful for it. There are many “things” that I have received and I make sure to pay attention now. It is the small little things that are most powerful in life. In the early morning quiet of the River, it is especially easy to be aware of how wonderful life is and to hear the glorious quiet messages that we are meant to listen to. I made a vow to return often to this place, even if it is only in my head. My heart belongs to this water and land, and it is magical in it healing capabilities. As I move forward with my plans to learn about alternative healing methodologies, I will hold on to this gift from the water. So Charlene sat with me for a while only peeking around when she heard me stir as I prepared a shot. Then, as silently as a whisper, she took off. To capture a heron in flight is truly a photographers dream and I have been waiting for years for a good shot. Another gift was given to me as she spread her huge wings and went in pursuit of her breakfast.

Charlene in flight

Charlene in flight

Photographs are copyrighted by JDeMeis @2013


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