A weekend in the 1000 Islands

Great Blue Heron on rock


Charlene on Rock

We are back from a wonderful trip to the 1000 Islands. It is a photographers dream land. I shot of over 400 photos and will be using the pictures for my blog. Of course everything is copyrighted please. I am using a brand new EOS Cannon T4i. LOVE iT. One of the things I shoot a lot of is Blue Herons. I know this bird on the rock  as I have been shooting Charlene, as I have named her, for years. She comes out when she sees me. I have a close up I need to clean up that is a hoot. This is the private cove at the end of the Edgewood property. We are the last room on the place. The owner is so kind, she actually moved someone out so we could have the place.

Night sky from our room

Night sky from our room



This is the view from our porch and below is the private cove that Charlene and all the other water fowl visit. 


Small private cove with Charlene fishing.

Small private cove with Charlene fishing.

We get a few visitors down to our end of the property.



Usually, we have it to ourselves. But this is Wally and his feather.

This is also the time of the year when the Osprey are parenting. We saw two nest very close up.  I have a ton of pictures of Ospreys, all most as many as I have of geese and herons. This is Dad alone right over my head.



For now, this is all I have time to post. It was an amazing trip. I spent a lot of time thinking and praying. But for tonight, I am tired and going to spend what ever time I have before I fall asleep in my other favorite place: my chair in my garden.  I will begin posting again soon.

Miss you all!

End of day

End of day

All photos copyrighted by JDeMeis   @ 2013


6 thoughts on “A weekend in the 1000 Islands

    • Thank you, that was nice. I would love to spend more time shooting and will when I retire. I also need to read the manual on the camera, which I have not had a time. I love photography and actually that is what I taught with other media in high school. But it was not digital. Thanks again.

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