Dream Release

This is something that came up in a conversation last night. What happens to the soul when there is nothing left to dream about? The only answer I could come up with is you give up, become bitter and angry, and eventually you die. We all die but I think lack of dreams expedites it. It was a sad conversation with someone who is so blocked and thwarted by life that they are trapped. We all have had trapped moments. Many are self-inflicted traps perpetuated by the capture. It is often hard to find the release mechanism in our fury and pain. But it is there.

As I sat and listened last night, I realized how far I had come. My traps were very much self-created out of the existence of my life. They were there and in some instances, I was not even aware of their clutch. I am still very much working on a permanent solution to some of the neurological traps produced from stimulus that will never be gone. This external stimulus comes at me and I am totally unaware of it, yet once received and imprinted on my cellular receptors, I can (note: can) become toxic. I hate it too, which makes it even harder to deal with. I am learning to be aware of the stimulus and to stop the reaction before it gets out of control. I am winning more often.  The stimulus is not ever going to go away. It is innocent in its existence.

Sometimes I hear platitudes like “life happens”… yes, of course it does. So does death. Life is either on or off. We cannot escape this. But it is what we do when we are on that makes it worthwhile and wonderful. That is where dreams come in. I am firmly convinced that without dreams, you cease to exist. And the partner that makes dreaming work is faith. One is the car and one is the fuel. We just go along for the ride. And like most vehicles, they break down and you will change them as they and you age. It is ok and the way it is supposed to work.

As a little girl I had many dreams of my future. One was fulfilled and that is to be a teacher. The vocational dream is actually one we really have the most control over as it requires only one driver. You. There are many mechanics that will help shape the dream and keep the momentum forward, but you have to ask for the help. Two of my certifications are as a vocational counselor. I am privileged to have supported the many dreams of my high school and college students, the people I have worked with and individuals who are developmentally disabled. It is an area of practice that I am still employed in. I encourage anyone who is dissatisfied with their current employment to seek support and guidance in finding a better fit. You spend most of your day at work, you should enjoy it.

But as in all arenas of life, you have to do the work and create the dream. Only you can do that. If someone influences your dream to the point where it becomes your own and then you realize it was not your true dream, you will become resentful. Parents often will inflect their dreams upon the child slowly leaving an empty vehicle with no driver. This is a huge cost of a human being who could have contributed. I worked with such one young man whose dream was to become a minister. He was so excited about his path until his father got him in his clutches. The father wanted the son to be his prodigy and take over the business. The father enticed the young man, threw money and titles at him and even though at first the son fought, the temptation was too great. Now his trap is even tighter as the son now has a young son of his own and I am sure the trap will perpetuate.

But what of the soul who has no dream? I can honestly say that there have been times recently where my dream became vague and unfocused. I hated the feeling of being lost with no compass and no end point in sight. I caution about end sites. They need to be a bit flexible but you do need to discover the general concept or how else will the universe assist you with achievement. If there is no concept, nothing can help you achieve the prize. I truly believe that when you ask in a clear and concise manner for something, it will be given to you. It may not be in your time frame but you need to be open for receiving it. If you cast a wish for something nebulous, that is what you will get.

In my quest to define my dream, I reached out to my guides to help define my path, often wanting to attach to their dream. I wanted a life buoy tossed to me as I felt I was sinking. Creating a dream can be a frightening concept especially when you are newly released from self-made traps. But once you learn to breathe on your own and experience the sensation of freedom to create, it can be amazing. I am still very much defining my dream, but I have a concept to strive for. I am enjoying the process so much more now. My current dream is to understand; simply that.  And so to that end I am consumed with seeking opportunities to learn. I am a voracious learner and it is part of my dream to never stop learning. My appetite for knowledge is insatiable, but it is the light in my eye that sparkles. What is happening now is that opportunities to learn are presenting themselves. All roadblocks are removed without any assistance from me other than to ask for their removal.

At first, I thought this was a fault, a weakness to not know. The error was in believing it; holding on to the misery of thinking something was unobtainable. I was trapped unable to move forward because I was stuck in a myth. Sometimes it was the voice in my head and other times it was from well-intentioned counsel.  But the gift in dreaming is there are no limitations other than those imposed by the dreamer. My goal is to discover as much as I can. Where it will take me is irrelevant in the immediate moment because I do not have a complete map yet. But I soundly know where I am headed allowing the sheets to unfurl.

Dream on my friends. It is the wind in your sails.


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