Sleep Robbers

Sleep robbers

There are pesky little gremlins that arrive at your bed in the middle of the night. You can go to bed, sleep like Rip Van Winkle and then they surreptitiously creep in. Sleep Robbers. They come in all sized, shapes and forms. I was plagued with them over the last months in the form of charlie horses. But those evil beings seem to have left for other shores.

But early this morning, I was force from my slumber by the arrival of a small but nasty sleep robber. It came in the form of a racing heart and anxiety attack. This little fellow is not foreign to me. I have a bad habit of worrying over things. I know all the responses that I should be saying. “Can’t control the future, live for the moment, the present is all we have…yada yada yada.” If I could do that, why in hell would I welcome this little brat at 3:00am? If it was truly in my control, I certainly would rather sleep.

But he snuck up and whamo: the eyes flashed open and the race was on. I know the thing that I was worrying about is totally out of my control and in the scheme of the world, it is not earth shattering. The worse thing is I could lose my job, the best thing is it will be accepted as a good event and life will move on. It will be the second, but I had to play the parlay on the first for a while.

I tried all the tricks in my tool box to calm myself. It worked to some extent. I did not get to the point of no return as I have in the past where my thoughts circle so quickly I cannot stop them. Then I thought about what was happening physiologically and sensed that this was where I would focus my thoughts on. I captured my breathing as a rhythmic panacea and started to drift back a sleep.

But the cat then decided to bath herself. How can a small cat shake a large bed with two people in and make it feel like a small earth quake?  I’ll get her later when she is sleeping…… just kidding.


One thought on “Sleep Robbers

  1. I have learned to mitigate the day-to-day level of high anxiety in my life – it has a grip that comes no matter what. But when bigger attacks come . . . well, I’m still a work-in -progress. At least I don’t have a cat that jumps on the bed 🙂

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