The Garden part one.

Last night was such a gift. I was totally relaxed and enjoying the evening in my garden. I have written about my private spot before. It changes every day and every night. My thoughts last night were randomly swimming by with the moon glowing to my left and lightening to my right. But with the warm air last night, and the impending thunder storms, it was even more so inviting and comforting. It made me ponder the past months and what was it all about. Because  I am in gentle mood this morning and unable to articulate all that I was rummaging through in my head last night, I decided to do a pictorial depiction of what I am feeling. The garden below is the transformation that took place this year and I think it is in direct correlation of how I am feeling.
garden pathway

This is the garden summer 2012

My old garden was not bad. It had vistas and places to sit and many flowers. We had tended to some of the beds and I always added two flats of impatiens for color. In the far back was an old pool. I had only opened it once. The surrounding decks were rotten and crumbling. They did not look too bad but upon closer inspection, there was a dangerous amount of rot and collapse was eminent. torn apart pool

Removal of old structures

So when the weather broke this winter, I had the worked started. All the old rotten stuff was removed. Things were piled all over as my storage shed was also removed. I battled with the decisions and actually was not on board with many plans the designer wanted to do. This is indicative of the struggle I was going through also in my life.

no pool

Pool hole in backyard

There was an emptiness that I felt through much of my life. Going through all the work made the hole in my soul deeper. I felt disconnected and disoriented most of the time. As I uncovered my self and reached in I discovered a lot of garbage which I had to remove. Some of it was buried. The structure that I had in my life was gone and I had to learn to grow and change. It was and remains hard work.

better view

Early Spring 2013

This is the new garden. There are places to grow  new plants and shrubs. There are places to sit and relax, to have conversation or to share a meal. As soon as the deck in the back was completed a rabbit family moved it. The yard has many visitors and I welcome them. It is not a finished production. This is only the basis from which things will grow. Much as my life.


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