A raging case of the

Yesterday was very interesting at work. My fellow employees all had a case of the F**K-its.  Fill in the ** with UC and you got it. I do not like to use that word in my writing here. But it truly is one of my favorite words to use as an adjective or verb. I do not use it to tell someone to go perform the act on themself, however, as it is a strong word in the right context.  It has caused me some anguish too in my life, so I try not to pepper my articulations without great caution. But when I get on a roll, I do. In the work environment,  it is in reference to a choice to not work. “Ah, F**K-it, I am not doing anything.”

I started my day with a huge case of it, which was not smart. I had forgotten I had a workshop and when I calmly strolled into the lobby fifteen minutes after I was expected I realized my error. But then, I grasped the concept of “Ah, F**k-it” and it was fine. It went off without another hitch. I proceeded to go see my friend and direct report so I could catch her up. She too had a case as she was returning after two weeks away and was still in vacation mode. We ended up gabbing for three hours and realized it was lunch. “Ah, F**K-it”

For lunch, I went for my walk with another co-worked and it was hot outside. When I came back, I had to cool off for a bit but I actually did something productive for about a half an hour. I then had a meeting with someone and discovered that she too was experiencing this phenomenon. Our brains were massively fried and could not think of even why we called the meeting. We called a committee member who came over to her office to help sort us out. She was truly suffering from a raging case of the F**K-its and at that point we just leaned back and talked about our plans for the upcoming weekend for an hour. The day ended with a visit from one of our quality nurses who usually will stop to gab for only a moment. He starts out by saying he  was just trying to fill the end of the day with something as he had accomplished little all day and he sat down to gab for a while.

There must have been something in the air. I do not think it is going to any more productive the rest of the week. My team mates work very hard. There has been so much going on and so many changes that now things have settled everyone is stepping off the merry-go-round dizzy and distorted. We need a break. Summer in our area is short lived and people tend to pack a year’s worth of activities in the three good weather months. I think yesterday was everyone catching their breath and preparing for the next onslaught of activities. But it amused me that so many of the most nose-to- the grindstone employees were kicking back collectively. They should have just brought a beer truck in and some music for all the employees to dance to. It would have been the balm for the raging case of F**K-its.


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