Finding signs

When you go through life like I used to, all wired up and fearful, your total existence is based on survival. You zoom past the guides and signs that will help you have the life you deserve. NO one can change your life for you. It is work and hard work that comes from within. But when you have decided to make the journey, there are a ton of signs to help. There are also numerous guides when you need them. You just have to look and listen.

I am discovering this wonderful thing of finding signs. I already know about guides as my life has been miraculously touched by them. I am too full of love this morning to write something without it being over the top in gushing about my guides. Signs are still so amazing to me. I wonder how many times a sign was right in front of me and I chose to be blind to it and instead struggled.

To see a sign and adhere to its message is not weakness, it is smart. You actually ask for signs and when you do not know it, you will have a hard time seeing the response. We ponder and propose our plans and intentions all the time. “I will, I am, I am going…” But do we look for the affirmation that this is the correct way? How can you if you do not know you asked or if you do not know how to see? This is not going to go into a lecture on anything other than to encourage you to look.

There are many ways of receiving signs. You can hear a word, song or someone else’s conversation and within those you may hear your answer. I have also noticed I have a strong sense of smell and there have been times when I smell something or someone and they are not there and I know it was a sign of comfort. It can also be a sign that there is danger or something is wrong as it smells bad. I also have an intense sense of being or intuitive response. I just know, I can feel something is good or not and I am working on honing that ability.

I am a visual person, so most of my signs I receive are through my eyes. But how do you learn the skill about looking? You do something so simple it amazed me… shut up, you open your eyes and you wait. In kinder words: you put your question out there and let it go. Perseveration does not help. And if you beat the question to death, it sends a message that you are not sure you want the answer, and so it will not come. I am learning that worrying takes too much of my energy and I cannot move past what I am worrying about. Note: I said I am learning. Once you put your question out there, you look and you cannot do that with closed eyes. That means, do not expect a typed message in Time Roman font 12 coming to your door….well, then again, it might be. I see messages in other messages and they often are typed stories, posts or communications such as emails. I found the answer to something last night that came from an article. The resource was not anything I would have thought to look in for that answer, but it was so apparent it made me laugh. I will write about the message later, the content is still percolating in my head.

I find a lot of my signs in nature. It is my connection place, anywhere outside; be it the field at work or my best place, my garden. Water grounds me and so without knowing it, I have always used places near water to seek. The answers are harder to see in nature sometimes, but those replies are the ones that impact me the most. I am mindful now to look.

And then there is the waiting. I am terrible at waiting. I am terrible at patience. But I am vastly improved from where I was. The waiting is easier when you learn to let things go. Anxiety about obtaining resolve only impedes the answer. I know it is hard to wait when something is burning in your heart. You have to work at, and I have to all the time, letting things go. It is a process of trust, which was a huge issue for me. Note again: I said was. I am learning so much about trust that it is a whole other post. I understand that I am not under control of everything and everyone and every moment in my life and I am learning that that is ok. I have learned to let go and trust that it will be ok.

And the reason I am able to let go is because of the signs that validate this path of choice. There are signs of affirmation saying it is ok, continue on. There are signs saying you are not alone, and they appear at my bleakest moments of isolation. There are signs of renewal and commitment that say this is the way, follow your heart. I love the moment of recognition when something I put out there is answered in a serendipitous manner.  It makes the process awesome and I mean that in the concept of reverence.

I am grateful for the signs I have received. This is the last part of the process. You have to be aware and you have to be grateful. I do not have any issue with being thankful for all I have. It is why I am so full of love this morning. Love is the fuel that keeps me moving and signs are the tools to map the direction and keep me on the right path.




One thought on “Finding signs

  1. Yes! Put the question out there and wait, patiently, without any preconceived notion of the form the answer will take. See everything, every interaction, every sight, as a potential clue. It is a grand conspiracy – the universe is conspiring to get you to see an answer. beautiful!

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