Lesson Learned

I was driving to work this morning, shortly after I had published the last post. I was truly feeling sorry for myself and knew it. I asked for one sign or something to help calm me so I could face the day without the baggage holding me down. About two seconds later, two blue herons flew out of the woods and directly over my car. Blue Herons are my totem. They connect me with the water which is so much of my soul. I believe in their spirit strength for me  and I wear two of them on a chain. The fact there were two flying in tandem was significant. It was a sign that I am not alone, nor am I abandoned.

I then stopped for a light to turn. Right in front of me a hawk swooped down from a tree into the water gulley next to the road. I lost my breath. In a second or two, she surfaced with a small rodent in her talons. I was at first amazed that this had been thrust in front of me so obviously. I was impressed with the ease of the capture and preciseness of the attack. As I turned and rode past, I could see the small animal struggling with its fate.

Then it hit me. I felt for the small animal. I empathized with its situation. I got the lesson.


One thought on “Lesson Learned

  1. You rejoice at the blessing, and the knowledge that you are not alone – and remain “airborne.” These synchronous events are signs that the plan is falling into place, even though you may not know what the plan may be. It is exciting . . . the universe is at work on your behalf, and you are AWARE when it happens. The beginning of great things and new adventures! Keep the faith. Namaste . . .

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