True friends


They sit around the table, four friends who have been through the fight together. All embrace each other with just a look. Their heady laughter fills the night air exposing the joy of reminiscing. Story after story is shared; their rich history of love and life is chronicled with humor and pathos. No one judges. They smile in agreement as those do who have walked the walk.
Friendship is one of those gifts that should be treasured. It needs to be nurtured and fed, much like a garden. The results are strong roots and abundant beauty. It is your friends who get you through the hard times. It is your friends who just know what you are dealing with. Friendship is the safety net when all else fails.
I cherish the people who are within my small circle. There is a larger group of people who circumnavigate the inner sanctum, and I value their relationship, too. But those who have touched my heart will forever be the ones I honor and hold close. Some of the members of this elite group have been there for many years, more than half my life. They have stood the test of time even when I turned my back in hopelessness of my situation. Others are new, but the value of their relationship is no less important. It is because of their contributions that the person who is here today writing about friendship exists.
It is just recently that I have learned to truly embrace all of them and the weight of their gifts to me. I no longer wish to careen through life, passing the many wonders to experience, which includes the small moments with friends. Things like the laughter that comes from the soul because it feels good. It is shared knowledge that friends evolve within. It is the strong embrace when things become too much and only their arms can support me so I can carry on. It is the hands that in prayer and healing found the inner core of me. It is the words, the wisdom and the shared hope that is given in friendship which gives me so much strength. It is love: pure and simple. There is no judgment, no measurement, no criticism. Only the warm comfort that all is just perfect, because in my life, you are all that: just perfect. Thank you.


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