To “Just Be”

I am pondering the muse of a friend who wrote a beautiful post on his blog. He says: “Just be.” When I started my journey to awaken my soul, this is what everyone said to me: “just be.” My initial response was: “I am, how can I be anything else?” But it seems I was not being “just” and that was confusing and difficult to understand. It made me angry and frustrated at times.
My whole life was based on the measurements imposed by others. As I think back and reflect, how can that not be the same for everyone? How do we develop without the measuring stick provided to us as we grow? I cared what others thought, and there lied the fault. I cared too much. Their self-imposed yard stick was based on their desires and own set of rules. But as children, we have no choice but to live to those standards……or else. We choose to adhere. It becomes survival. We are told in school if you don’t be THIS, you won’t get THAT and everyone wants THAT. We are measured in our jobs and our adherence to what they want us to be equates to how we are going to get paid. Again, survival of the fittest. And we begin the circle with our own children, not only provided a measuring stick to them, but still measuring our abilities according to some other standard as to whether or not we are successful parents. An on it goes.
So how do you “just be?” I am still learning. I will tell you it takes courage and anyone who is in the same struggle; I congratulate you for working at it. And the thought that you have to work at “just being” to me is a paradox. My reasons for doing this started because I hurt. I hurt a lot. My body was telling me something was not in order and I needed to fix it. Being a stubborn, I was fighting my own “just be”….being. Pain is God’s not so subtle way of saying; “hey, wake up here or you’re not going to live much longer. Are you going to throw away the gift I gave you?”
Sometimes the struggle is too hard and we lose the battle. Sometimes, the biological clock has wound down and there is no turning it back. Those of who have lost someone to that struggle, we sit and helplessly watch as their life fades and we think of what could have been. I often think of my mother who died at the age I am now and wonder what could have been if she had chosen a different path. But that is not for me to decide. I am not allowed to hold a measuring stick to her life if I am going to truly cast the gages of others out of my life.
So for those of you who are venturing down this path of finding yourself in order to “just be”; I honor you. It is a difficult journey at best. It takes a lot of bravery, a lot of fuel, good directions and guides, and most of all; patience. I’ll meet you there, soon.


One thought on “To “Just Be”

  1. It is sad that we are often force fed completely unworkable premises under which we struggle our entire lives to work out. Who we are, then, may well not be who we wish. Thus is born the challenge to “just be.” Excellent post!

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