The Analogy of the Garden

There has been a lot of transformation happening in my life recently. Many of you, who know me personally, know my garden is my refuge and have shared moments of peace in my backyard. This year, it became apparent that the structures that were out there were rotten, their foundations were crumbling, and there was a need for some major work. I have written before to a friend the analogy of this work, comparing it to what has been going on in my personal journey. The metaphors as too ostensive for me not to share.

garden 1-30-13

The area where sat the pool was something I never really used. I had opened the pool once, and then closed it forever. It slowly rotted. There was a protective structure which housed a deck and a seating area. This too was rotting although it was not apparent with the casual glance. It required one to dig in deep to find the decay. The foundations were weak. Much like what was happening with my body, I was starting to crumble. My psoriatic arthritis is not apparent. The progression was out of my control, much like what the weather was doing to the wood. It too was protected with sealant, but was rotting from within.
So in January, we had it all taken down. It left a gaping cavity in the yard which was temporarily filled with debris. I too had opened many portals to my history, also leaving huge holes with little value to fill them with. The mud was exposed after the snow melted and sitting and viewing the yard was not a pleasant experience. No one came to visit, not even the birds and animals normally present. It seemed like forever before the first rays from the sun cast their light in the garden.


Now the new garden has been created. There are areas for quiet reflection nestled in the greenery. The analogy continues as the grass has been seeded. I too have been seeded with hope to become strong enough to hold on to the soil. The seeds are covered to protect their fragile exposure much like the comfort and teaching provided from my guides. The straw is light and porous allowing the natural energy of the seed to propel its growth and yet grounding the seedlings until their roots are strong enough. There are new plants alongside plants that have always been there, transplanted to have more exposed to the healing powers of the sun. The animals and birds have returned finding the environment to be safe once again.
The landscape foundation is there. It will not remain stagnant but will blossom with constant change as growth occurs. It would be naïve to think that there won’t be mud for a while. Dark clouds will pass over relinquishing their soothing rain which allowed will only feed the evolution. Patience is the tool needed for both my garden and myself to implement success.
So as I plant three new rose bushes today, I will give thanks for those who have stayed the course with me, old and new. If I prick my finger on a thorn or two, I will bleed. But there will be healing as these wounds are superficial and temporary. Know that the rose is my favorite and I honor each of you, as the splendor of the bloom is yours and I thank you. I cannot wait to share my garden and help others to plant theirs.

btr garden 4-27-13


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