Why I cry at sunset.

I often react to the closing of the day and the brilliance of the sunset. I thought it was just because of a personal reaction to something that happened in my past. It has always been a time of deep reflection that was instilled since I was very young. I will go to the water when I can and sit as the sun slowly slides in to the liquid blanket at the water’s edge. There is a moment when I will hold my breath as if in expectation of something miraculous. But with the resting of the orb comes the true meaning of the sunset. The sky will turn to fire orange and flames. It is the voice of the Creator saying “I am upset and in pain with the damage and poisons you have created during the day.” It is the anger of Mother, who only asked that you honor her with love and care for her soul. It is a reflection of the wrath that the water responds with in its inability to protect itself from the flow of toxins into her body.
But then the sky turns to pale pinks and vermeil blues. The air softens, and slight breeze will blow as if to say all is forgiven and we shall start anew tomorrow.
I am like the sunset. It is why I cry.

photos by JDemeis @2013


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