A Warrior’s tale

This is a story that has been building in my head and it is finally time to share it. I do not remember where I read the premise for it because it was over ten years ago. My not-then husband and I were struggling, trying to make ends meet and getting used to each other. We were both back in college and working multiple jobs . My life was a whirling mess and I could not have been happier. I had a purpose, we had goals.
But now it is time to tell this story as this story is mine and of the present moment.

There was a village that when a young person became of age, they had to prove themselves worthy to be called a warrior. There were choices and with all choices, there were consequences. The fledgling could elect not to take the test but was destined to toil in the fields for the rest of their lives. It was honest work and so there was no real shame. The ones who chose to take the test had to face a tranquil pond, jump in and survive. If you survived, you would become a great warrior, but you would be sworn to secrecy as to your survival of the test. The truth was known that not many survived. The pond swallowed more than it spit out.
One day, a woman came forth to change her circumstances and decided it was time to prove her worthiness. The Great Spirit did not care about gender or age. It did not care at all about the vessel carrying the warrior heart. The Spirit just wants the heart to beat and spread its great ability to love across the nation. But the heart must be true for the act of survival to occur.
She began her studies as there were many lessons taught by scholarly guides. The student had to listen. She needed to quiet her own mind, shut off her own story and listen to the truth. It was hard work which required devotion and prayer. The student had to build strength by becoming aware. The eyes had to acquire vision as powerful as the Hawk. The ears had to listen to the voice from inside and silence the nonsense.
It was an arduous journey.
The pond is not a large body of water, but very deep and the surface was as smooth as glass. The woman of hope and desperation made the mighty leap. A few minutes later, after no sign of her, she popped up downstream a few feet away. She was battered and bleeding. She rose from the water, and smiled for she knows she is a true Warrior.
The woman turns towards the sky and asks that the Great Spirit to allow her to share her story in order to heal others and help guide them to become their own warrior. The Great Spirit agreed.
The story is that at the bottom of the pond there is a swirling vortex of water that pushes the victim to a place where two rocks almost touch. There is barely enough room for anything to pass. Most victims fight the current and are swallowed in the futility of the fight. They drown. But if the victim relaxes and goes with the flow they will enter between the two rocks. And by exhaling their breath, they will be permitted to pass and emerge downstream.
When her turn came, the woman took a breath, jumped in and at the rocks she relaxed and exhaled all the poisons and toxins in her breath, and she passed through. There were many bumps and rocks  as she finished her journey but she survived.
How do I know?

I am that Warrior.




2 thoughts on “A Warrior’s tale

  1. I will make it…..This is crazy that you would write this I shared this with my spouse as a word of my new fight to make me known…..I will not be taken down.

  2. Exquisite! Yes, you are a warrior, one who has survived more battles than most who claim the title. A new dawn has come – your world is about to change in amazing and positive ways. It will be magnificent, just like you are.

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