Lost at Sea

I am aboard the ship Whines-Too-Much heading out on the Sea of Self-Pity. There is a storm brewing and I can see the dark clouds looming on the horizon. I was headed for the Land of Worthiness when the wind died. I somehow ran aground producing a hole in my hull. The fragile boards splintered and now the gap is widening allowing the saltwater to flow. My crew boarded the life boats and abandoned ship, headed for their own destinations. My GPS is jammed; there is no radio signal for guidance.
Life is a series of waves, some smooth and comforting, others brutal and crushing. Storms are as natural as the sunshine. I need to weather them better and rely on the tools I do have, believing in their own power to guide me back to safety. I need to stop allowing Fear to be at the helm, as it has been the captain for too long.
I need to turn my face to the last place I remember the wind and wait for its soft caress to gently cross my bow. I need to tether myself for security knowing that the storm may come, but it too shall pass.
And I can travel on.


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