Tastes like chicken

I am in a state of confusion and the thing that popped into my head was an image someone sent me of the different personalities of dogs and how they reflect human traits. It has been buzzing in my head for a while. It is a message that is mirroring some of my current feelings, so I thought I would look deeper. I am not talking about the way a dog looks, but our interpretation of how they think. In truth, I think the only thing they think about when they look at us is: “I wonder if she tastes like chicken?”
My dog is now slow in his movements, deliberate in his step. Unless it is a squirrel and then he races after them with true abandonment. He has always been a proud dog but not to the point of aloofness like some animals. He is regal in his stature. But not too majestic that in his youth he would roll on his back and plead for belly rubs. He has the wisdom of the aged, as he is 95 plus in human years.
I do not act like my dog most of the time. He is fearless when he needs to be and cautious with new people. I am not like that in anyway. I plunge head first into new situations and relationships without any caution and then spend way too much time with my fear of rejection. He will know instinctly when he needs to bark his authority of a situation and in greeting of someone not properly introduced. Even after he has met someone, he will check them out for a change in their reasons for a visit for a period of time. I love when he decides someone is in his confidence as his greeting goes from one of caution and warning to one of total adoration. No one gets through the door without first having to pay a toll to him of lavish petting and squealing his name in joy. It is a ritual. Often, I wonder who people really come to visit as I stand there waiting.
He has always known when someone was a person of honor, even when I could not. His selection of people who I have had in my life has stood the test of time of who was honest and true. I wish I had that ability. He has his “you’re ok, but I have my eye on you,” way with some and then he has his the total fall over “your mine” with a very select group. He has many Aunties and Uncles who know his expectations and never fail to honor him as they should.
If I ever doubted his selection process, he proved his abilities a while ago. I was having some work done in my backyard. I heard a muffle plea emanating from someone and I went out to see what it was. There was my dog on top on this gentleman, who was on his back, face to face with 107 pounds of “you’re not going anywhere” dog. My dog was not growling nor had his teeth bared. He just was prohibiting this person entry. And true to his judgment, the work was shoddy and so was the company doing the job.
I wish I had my dog’s sense of evaluation. It would have saved me from some disastrous situations. But I never learn and I think it is because I always look for the good in those I meet. My naivety is often a handicap. Some people can smell a victim and proceed to slowly devour, leaving the remaining carcass without any remorse. I am more aware of this type of relationship, but still enter into a state of blind trust in hopes that I can altruistically find their goodness. I often end up the carcass still.
But at least I know I can always trust and have blind faith in my dog’s love. That is my blessing as long as he never tries to prove the tastes like chicken question.


One thought on “Tastes like chicken

  1. Great post! I love dogs. I am one of those people that is probably, initially, more excited to see the dog than the person 🙂 I think we all could do ourselves a favor and learn to mimic some of the highest traits of our canine friends.

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